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 The blast will produce fractured rock of appropriate dimensions.  The blast will prevent/minimize production of flyrock and air blast hazards.  The blast will minimize peak particle velocities.  The blast will be scaled/sized to minimize overblasting that can result in excessive excavation and handling of excavated material, and increased drilling, excavation, and backfill costs.

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Drilling and blasting is the controlled use of explosives and other methods such as gas pressure blasting pyrotechnics, to break rock for excavation. It is practiced most often in mining, quarrying and civil engineering such as dam, tunnel or road construction. The result of rock blasting is often known as a rock cut .

Rock damage control in bedrock blasting excavation for a ...

Fig. 1 is a schematic illustration of the bedrock blasting excavation for a nuclear power plant. It can be seen that under blasting excavation, the blast-induced wave propagates in rock mass from the charge hole and ...

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zANFO is blasting agent that is produced by mixing prilled ammonium nitrate and fuel oil. zANFO is used extensively on construction projects and represents approximately 80 percent of all explosives used in the United States. zANFO is generally considered to be the cheapest and safest among explosive types.


blasting and painting works of the thickener tank internal steel surface during a scheduled 10 day plant shutdown. The thickener tank is approximately 40m in diameter and the works included the removal of the existing tank 2 ...


Bender 1999 defined production blasting as the type of blasting that is designed to fragment a predetermined volume of rock; widely spaced holes are drilled and fired in a controlled delay sequence.

thickener ore mined where it processed

Iron Mining Process. From blasting to crushing to separationmore than 85 of the iron mined in the United States is mined in northeastern Minnesota to make our nation s steel. Blasting Taconite is a very hard rock. Using Get Price

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3 CHAPTER 13. BLASTING ROCK ENCE 420 Assakkaf Slide No. 4INTRODUCTION ”Blasting& 34; is performed to break rock so that it may be quarried for processing in an aggregate production operation, or to excavate a right-of-way.

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This article explains how to use gunpowder, cannon fuse, and modeling clay to blast, break, or demolish stone. The information can be used for boulder removal, mining, tunneling, or blasting out a cave in solid rock. BE

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blasting for rock thickener plant